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Insurance Company Tricks

Insurance companies are not always there to help you and unfortunately sometimes employ tricks and tactics to try and deny your injury claims or the amount of money they have to pay. The best way to protect your rights after an accident is to make sure you are aware of some the insurance industry's most common tricks of the trade, such as: 1) Suggesting that you go through the other driver's insurance company to get your car appraised or fixed. If the accident was the other driver's fault, don't be surprised if you own insurance company tries this approach. Don't be fooled by this, the bottom line is that it is often much quicker to have your car fixed through your own coverage. 2) Secretly videotaping you. At times, insurance companies will hire private investigators to videotape accident victims during their day to day lives. Their goal is to catch you doing something that can be used against you during trial or at settlement negotiations. 3) Insurance com

The Risks of Teenage Drivers

Despite knowing the dangers of their actions, nearly nine out of ten teenage drivers continue to engage in distracted driving behaviors such as texting or talking on a cell phone according to recent surveys. The study, conducted by Seventeen magazine and AAA, asked nearly 2,000 teens, ages 16-19, about their driving habits. While 84 percent of the respondents indicated that they were aware that distracted driving could increase their risk of having an accident and being injured, 86% still engaged in behaviors such as: Texting; Eating; Applying Makeup; Adjusting the radio, or CD player; Driving with four or more passengers in the vehicle. This survey reveals just how many distractions there are today for teenage drivers and how hard it can be to combat against them. Distracted driving leads to nearly 6,000 deaths each year, according the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. To find out more about distracted driving, visit Visit us at  Myrtl

Don’t Let Previous Injuries Hurt You Twice

If you have recently been hurt in a car accident, chances are good that you are mainly focused on how to heal from your current injuries and how to handle your medical bills. The last thing a person wants to think about after getting into an auto accident prior injuries that you have had. However, your previous injuries and accident history is critical information that may end up severely limiting your ability to collect compensation if you are not up front and truthful with your attorney. Why is that?

I Was Not Even Driving. Why Am I Getting Sued?

Negligent Entrustment You were at a party when your best friend asked you if he could borrow your car to run a quick errand. The only problem was that he had been drinking (you knew that but figured he was okay to drive). He ended up having an accident where someone got hurt, and now you've learned that you are being sued by the injured victim. How can that happen?

Truck Tire Blowouts

Even if you only drive a little you have probably come across the remnants of a tire blowout from a tractor trailer or other large truck at some point. Unfortunately, a truck tire blowout can lead to a serious accident if the truck driver loses control when the blowout occurs or if another driver swerves to avoid the large strips of rubber and other debris scattered all over the road after the blowout.